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  • Haley

    Hello, I’m a stranger to this site, but I saw your work and was blown away. I’m very much into Halloween and have been doing special effects makeup for several years. Nothing big, as I am mostly broke all the time and don’t have the tools to create anything original. But now that I’ve seen what can be done with papier mache I can not wait to play with some and decorate my entire home; halloween or not.

  • crystal akins

    Hi, Ive just stumbled upon your sight. Great stuff. Ive been a huge halloween buff almost my hole life, and have been creating things for only about 5 years. Decided to do so when I found things in the stores way to expensive and not incedibly difficult to make. Ive been tinkering with liquid latex and cotton for some time now, but find it a bit frustrating at times (hard to sculpt smoothly) Im interesting in attempting paper mache, can you tell me what you use as the bonding agent (I thought about elmers glue). Keep up the great work.

  • Featherlove

    Have you ever thought about selling your art at Medieval/ Renaissance Fairs? I make fairies and dragons out of clay and sell them and I do well.
    I think your art work would make a mint! Dragons are a big seller at these fairs. Hope I will see you there!

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