One thought on “creature-004

  • Jeanne

    WOW! WOW!!!! I have been officially blown away! I have been looking up paper mache artists for the last month now, just to see what other people are doing and to see if there are different techniques etc. Thank you for sharing your art, your time and effort of this site and you experience on how you do this.

    I appreciate good work, but yours is beyond good, it is excellent. A true artist! My work pales in comparison. I have picked up some good ideas, like using the toilet tissue and paper towels as texture. I like to work with pulp more than strips, and have wondered how to get a different look. Now I know!

    One thing though…..How long do these last being left outside in the elements, I would think rain and damp mornings would be a problem, and have you ever had a problem with insects going for the flour paste? Also do you seal them?

    I will be checking in on a regular basis now that I have found your sight. All my best to you and your family, have a spooktacurtly, fantastic and Happy Holloween!


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