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Pirate Skull Online Workshop 0

Get an early jump on your 2017 Halloween decorations with the Online Papier Mache Pirate Skull Workshop. Learn all the techniques needed to create fun and unique pirate skull props . This class is great for the beginner or those with experience using papier mache. Two classes will be offered on Wednesdays in March.  Pirate Skull Online […]

Custom Pumpkin Orders 0

Custom Pumpkin Orders Over the years I have sold custom papier mache work on Etsy and in the studio, mostly creating something in the hopes that someone would be interested. This year I have decided to do something a  bit different, I am currently offering custom designed and built pumpkin based on your description. These […]


Drawlloween 2016 0

This October I had fun participating in the 2016 Drawlloween Challenge. Basically it is a challenge to create a drawing for each day of October, thirty-one drawings in thirty-one days. Check it out on Instagram and Facebook. There are several different lists/calendar/prompts to choose from, the main objective is to just draw something each day. […]



Miniature Villages 0

Last August I started offering Papier-mâché miniature village classes where participants could created small houses or building in a scale that matched that of Dept. 56, Lemax and HO model railroads. The classes proved to be tremendously fun and creative. I have never been a fan of working on small scale Papier-mâché  pieces but this workshop proved to […]