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Demon Gargoyles (Work in Progress) 4

  Currently working a set of demonic style gargoyles based on a simple sketch or abbozo I did one late night while doodling by candlelight.     The heads are basically done and the wings will be complete once clay is added and detailed. The heads were built from a half section of an inflated [...]


100 Pumpkin Templates 0

    Click the photo to view 100 pumpkin concepts posted on Tortured Pumpkins.      Once you are on the Tortured Pumpkin site you can click each pumpkin concept photo to open the design template in a new window.


Charles McScardeylantern (7)

Charles McScardeylantern 0

This pumpkin was the random drawing winner in the 2nd Annual Build Me A Pumpkin contest held on the STOLLOWEEN Facebook page.   Introducing Charles McScardeylantern designed by Jasper Anderson.   Charles mcScardeylantern was a very fun build, especially the rotted side which was achieved by soaking blue shop towels in papier mache paste.   [...]