Custom Pumpkin Orders

Custom Pumpkin Orders


Over the years I have sold custom papier mache work on Etsy and in the studio, mostly creating something in the hopes that someone would be interested.

This year I have decided to do something a  bit different, I am currently offering custom designed and built pumpkin based on your description. These custom pumpkins are available only to U.S. residents in the lower 48 states, Alaska and Hawaii residents will need to contact me for pricing based on shipping costs to their regions.

Price: $150 USD (includes shipping)

Here’s how it works.

-Send me an email to with “Custom Pumpkin” in the subject line.

-Include a short description of the type of pumpkin you would like, it can be simple such as “A short round pumpkin with sharp teeth and scary face,” or something more detailed. Feel free to include a sketch or photo for reference. NOTE: I will not reproduce someone’s existing work, produce work that is licensed (i.e. Mickey Mouse) or create caricatures based on real people living or dead.

-Once your request is received I will send a payment request for $100 USD to your email to start the build. After the payment is received I will create a simple illustration based on your description and send it to you for approval. Once approval is received I will start production.

-During the build process I will send you several photos of the progress to keep you in the loop.

-When your custom pumpkin is complete I will send a payment request for the final $50 USD and ship via UPS once the payment is received.

-Your delivery will include your custom papier mache pumpkin and the original illustration based on your description.

-Typical  time to create a custom pumpkin is approximately 4 weeks but may differ due to demand.

-Specifications. The body of each pumpkin is approximately 12 inches high not including the stem. Each pumpkin weighs approximately seven to ten pounds.

-The price is for a standard jack o’lantern style pumpkin, please note that these pumpkins fully three dimensional and are not hollow.

-The pumpkins come fully painted with a protective coat of clear acrylic and are intended for use in dry environments.

-Additional elements beyond the eyes, nose, mouth and stem will incur additional costs.

-If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at