What’s Your Pleasure?



Several weeks ago we spent a weekend cleaning and organizing our garage, during the process we took a few hours to photograph some of the papier mache props stored in our garage. The photo includes about 75% of the props that have been built over the past few years. Absent from the photo are zombie skulls, demon skulls, plain old regular skulls, the sentinels and 14 sets of ribs, arms and hands. 


Photographing the props was fun because they were displayed in a fashion that created some interesting juxtapositions as you don’t normally see frogs mixed with pumpkins mixed with gargoyles mixed with whatever.


The whole group of props sitting in our back yard reminded me of a huge papier mache garage sale. Slapping a price tag on each piece would have probably been easier than hauling everything back into storage.


More Photos Here.

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Pleasure?

  • Gloria Thompson

    Scott, I just heard that somebody we know sold something of yours. I can’t believe it. That is so wrong. I understand also that classes ore out of the question. I completely understand. Let me know if another venue comes up for pumpkin classes. I was looking into it. I hope everything else is going smooth. Only 30 days till Halloween. There will be a display again this year, I hope? Gloria

  • Meghan Greene

    I really like your work and was very happy to see so many instructions. I used your recipe for clay and would like to know how long to expect it to take a project to dry? I just have a head right now, some spots are thick but even the thin spots feel no different after 12 hours. I even put my head outside overnight to dry and now he just feels wet and cold instead of warm and cold. I didn’t want to try the oven or a hairdryer because of the chemicals. Advice would be wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration, your work is awesome and I’m using you as a reference on my facebook 🙂

  • Rebecca B.

    Wow, this is an amazing site! Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas. I was looking for suggestions on how to construct a papier mache pumpkin, and now I feel equipped to tackle the project. Keep up the amazing work, and I’ll definitely visit your site again!

    -Rebecca B.

  • Kurt Meyers

    Scott you have an amazing talent and I’am in awe of your art work using paper mache! I use to live in Edenville, Michigan until 1976 when my family moved to Florida. My favorite Holiday is Halloween! My Mom inspired me by hanging dummies and ghosts from our apple trees and lighting our driveway with carved pumpkins and scare crows. Now I live in Florida in a neighborhood filled with little kids who love to come to my house at Halloween. I have alot of static props and I’m just getting started with homemade animation. The only problem is the cost! Very few people get into Halloween down here in Florida like they do in Michigan because it’s just so damn hot! Kids are terrorized more by mosquitoes then Homes usually decorated with one Jack-o-Lantern and a few store bought decorations. My Halloween decorations would usually be lame in comparison to most advid Haunters, still I try to give these kids a taste of whats missing! The Fall Season and the magic of this season on all Hallows Eve! You are one of the very best at Halloween Decorating that I have ever seen and I would be forever grateful for whatever tips I may learn from you in the art of Paper Mache! The only time I used this process was in elementary school science class! Yes you guessed it!…..A volcano with baking soda! LOL. I’am an instant fan of yours and I appreciate your informational sight.

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