Gargoyle 360

Created some animated GIF’s showing some of my props in a full 360 degree view.

The animation was accomplished by photographing the props 36 times, rotating the prop 10 degrees for each photo. Photoshop was used to animate the images into the spinning 360 view.

Click here to view more prop 360’s.

2 thoughts on “Gargoyle 360”

  1. I’m in love! That is sooo cool. Gargoyles are one of my favorite things. Thanks for sharing! And yes, I know where my props are….at all times! Even Halloween!

  2. Very, very cool. Of all the creatures you’ve shared, I think this is my new favorite.

    You beat me to the rotating prop animation, too. I started playing with the idea a few weeks ago, but I was saving the monster merry-go-rounds for later. :)

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