September Work in Progress 1

If you’ve read through the majority of projects on this site then you know that one of my favorite places on the internet is The Mad Lab, a site that hosts monthly prop building contests. The Mad Lab has motivated me to create many of my more popular pieces; the pumpkins, gargoyle, busts and sentinels to name a few.


This summer has flown by and except for teaching some papier mache workshopsI haven’t really created anything new, but after reading about this month’s contest which requires you to build a ghoulish prop using paint containers (plastic, metal, 1 gallon, 5 gallon, etc.) I found the inspiration and motivation I needed.

The pieces I’m working on for the contest are something I’ve never created and proving to be a challenge.

Here’s a couple of teaser pictures, enjoy!



One thought on “September Work in Progress

  • Divinedragon7

    Ah and just when i though i might have an easy time with this months contest. oh well a challange is more fun. hm from your hints i’m thinking its animal based. can’t wait to see it when its finished!

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