Tip Of The Day#4: Look At Things Differently

Often I will take a work in progress and look at it in the mirror, for whatever reason looking at the reverse image reveals things I don’t notice with the naked eye.

The mirror reveals problems with proportion and placement such as a crooked eye or lopsided nose, issues that otherwise go unnoticed.

If you don’t believe me take one of your creations and hold it in front of a mirror and spend a moment to examine the details, chances are you will see things you have never noticed.

Looking at things differently can really help in your prop building endeavors.

In addition to the mirror trick try photographing your props from a variety of different angles then study the photographs.

Another trick is to turn your prop upside down, take a few steps back and analyze your work, chance are you will notice details that have escaped you.

Take a moment to look at things differently and you just might improve the final result

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