The Undead Pumpkin

August 10th, 2010

Congratulations go out to Scott Alan Dimmick, the winner of the “Build Me A Pumpkin” contest on the STOLLOWEEN Facebook page.

Scott’s name was randomly drawn from over 90 entries scoring him a custom built pumpkin of his liking. Scott’s concept was a “ground breaking, undead pumpkin, pushing itself out of the ground with its rotting vine arms.

Work has begun on the undead pumpkin including the first layers of strip mache and some concept sketches rendered in Photoshop to help guide me in the building process.

The illustrations are for reference only as during the construction more elaborate details will be added specifically the gnarly vines on the arms.

Building a prop for another Halloween enthusiast is sort of cool and you can check out Scott’s love for the holiday on his website called The Never Moor.


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