Introducing NOCTURNUS, my eight legged entry for Davis Graveyard SpiderFest 2010.

This is a big fella, his body and head are 19 inches long and 10 inches wide and with the legs attached he measures 41 inches long and 36 inches wide.

The legs were designed to be detachable for shipping and storage purposes plus it allows the legs to be angled in whatever direction to achieve some very different looks.

The color scheme is simply black and white, I had played around with some different colors but felt the black and white suited him best.

When creating this piece I paid special attention to how it would look from all different angles because the spider will be hung from a tree and chances are it will turn in the wind and all sides will at some point be visible.

When taking these photographs I was pleased that NOCTURNUS was interesting from any angle.

Tomorrow I will coat him with some Spar Urethane to protect him from the rain then get him shipped mid-week so the can be part of Davis Graveyard SpiderFest 2010.