The Life of Charlie: Day 89

This is the final post of “The Life of Charlie”, the experiment where I put one of my sealed papier mache pumpkins outside to withstand the elements and see how it goes.


The good news is that Charlie survived without a trace of damage due to moisture, this information should give you a little confidence when displaying your hard work outside.


Charlie is still outside, but now he has a little bit of company as he joins 22 other pumpkins for a pre-Halloween display on our front porch.


He’s happy to have some company and even happier that a good coat of Spar Urethane kept him safe and sound.


Thanks Charlie and have a great Halloween!

1 thought on “The Life of Charlie: Day 89”

  1. Charlie and his friends are awesome. I lke them all! Your work really inspires me. In fact, I made my second paper mache pumpkin this year based, in part, on your tutorials. You can see the final result on my blog.

    Have a nice evening!

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