Halloween 2010

The 2010 Halloween display was set up Friday, October 29th thru Sunday, October 31st and featured 129 different papier mache elements.


At dusk the display came to life with lighting, music, fog, synchronized lighting effects and a little bit of animation.


During the three days we had about 100 adult visitors and Sunday evening we gave out treat to 85 trick or treaters.


The weather was cold but dry and the result was a near perfect Halloween weekend.


View the gallery here.

3 thoughts on “Halloween 2010”

  1. In Germany Halloween is criticism that the old customs, to sing the songs and doors as a reward pastries, fruits or sweets to get, be supplanted by shouting “trick or treating. Man complains an increased commercialization and excesses such as houses or graffiti egg throws, to lead the operations by the police on Halloween.
    Even with Catholic Christians there are conflicts because of the nature of the following All Saints Day as a quiet holiday. On a Pacific holiday dances are banned and the ban will apply from midnight. The profiteering of Halloween bother me too, but it’s just nice every year to celebrate Halloween. Too bad that this year is already around. I am looking forward to next year.

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