Concept To Completion 2

There are two approaches I take when building a project. The first is working from preconceived designs such as sketches or photos and the second is creating freeform where I just wing it and let the project go where it needs to go.


Here are some examples of projects that were built from concept art. Some examples are well refined designs and some are very loose sketches representing the desired goal.


Gourdon Rotsworth


Buster Gravesly


Boris The Bolter


Charles McScardeylantern designed by Jasper Anderson


Pirate Skulls



Sir Rip D. Fleshkin designed by Breck Torres and Dustin Obermeyer




Arsenic Asylum


Character Tombstones





2 thoughts on “Concept To Completion

  • Emilie

    What do you put on your creations if they are going to be outside for a few days maybe in some rain?

  • Eve

    Since the day I got a computer back in 97, I have only left a comment Once… on Food network.

    I am not easily impressed, and I have to say…
    You, Sir, are extremely talented. Providing pics, explanations, recipes, et cetera, is highly commendable and shows great character.
    As an artist of several different mediums, not including Paper Mache, I am thrilled to find your wonderful work, and with your tips and inspiration, I am sure my daughter will be quite happy with our efforts this Halloween.
    Thank you so very much!!

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