Demon Gargoyles (Work in Progress) 4


Currently working a set of demonic style gargoyles based on a simple sketch or abbozo I did one late night while doodling by candlelight.



The heads are basically done and the wings will be complete once clay is added and detailed.

The heads were built from a half section of an inflated balloon covered in papier mache strips with the mouth, ears and teeth formed from recycled cardboard.




Each wing was cut from a piece of corrugated cardboard then coated with several layers of strip mache…the tips of the wings were bent into an upward position and supported during the drying process to give a nice three dimensional shape as opposed to just being flat.



The next step will be to give the wings some interesting veining and texturing although I’m not quite sure what medium I will use to achieve this effect.

4 thoughts on “Demon Gargoyles (Work in Progress)

  • Francesca

    Glad to see an update to your blog. It is one of my favorites and i may find myself ripping up newspapers and mixing paste again because of it.

  • James Wright

    I just found Stolloween … I wish I had found it sooner! What fabulous designs, and your craftsmanship is outrageously wonderful. You’ve inspired me, thanks!

  • JINX

    I recently made a custom puppet and used regular yarn for large veins and crosstitch thread for smaller ones. it looked oh so realistic! I used swim suit lining for skin overlay, but you’ll probably not need that. Just thought I’d mention it!

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