MONSTERS! Papier Mache Workshop

Winter 2013 Workshops currently available at STOLLOWEEN Studio,718 George Street in Midland Michigan.

Please call (989) 750-6457 or visit the studio to register. 



Papier Mache Workshop (12 hours)


Tuesday, March 11th 6-9 pm

Thursday, March 13th 6-9 pm

Tuesday, March 18th 6-9 pm

Thursday, March 20th 6-9 pm


March is MONSTER month at STOLLOWEEN Studio. Join us and explore the dark recesses of your imagination as we spend four evenings creating some strange and whimsical monsters with nothing more than recycled cardboard, newspaper and magazines. This workshop will encourage free form building; you make it up as you go along rather than working from a sketch or preconceived concepts. During the classes you will given dozens of creative options to create hands, feet, teeth, horns, fins, ears….anything that will bring your monster to life!


This unique experience is recommended for those 12 years and older. The workshops can be physically demanding requiring participants to stand, kneel, lift and work in a variety of positions.


Papier mache can be a bit messy so please dress accordingly. The class uses a variety of non-hazardous materials such as flour, glue and joint compound as well as latex and acrylic paints. Participants will also be required to use hot glue guns and a variety of sharp cutting tools such as scissors and razor blades.


Workshop cost is $100 per person which includes all tools and materials.


Complimentary coffee, hot chocolate and soft drinks available during class.


Call (989) 750-6457 to register.


Payment in the form of cash or check is due at the first class. Class size is limited to eight seats.




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