Gallery: Doodles

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is how I come up with the designs for my papier mache props. The answer is simple. I doodle. I sketch all the time, usually while watching television, sitting in a waiting room or talking on the phone. Most often a piece of scrap paper or junk mail serves as the canvas; a pen or pencil the brush.



Doodling is a nice form of relaxation, a form of meditation. I enjoy the freedom of creating something just for myself, no pressure, no deadlines and no expectations.

While the sketches are hardly works of art, they do serve as a good reference source when starting a new project.

Over the years I have sketched thousands of designs and managed to file the ones that did not get tossed in the trash. At last count there were over 6,000 doodles stored away…and yes I did count them.

The Doodle Effect

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