July Pumpkins 0

A patch of new pumpkins for the 2013 haunting season.


MBP 10 (7)

Tale of the Big Blue Bunny 0

    Mr. Bunny was a cheap little dollar store stuffed animal that was our oldest son’s  best friend growing up.     The little blue bunny was a tremendous source of comfort during doctor visits, thunderstorms and those days when it felt like the whole world was against you.     During the years [...]

Zombie Gallery 2

Finished some new papier mache zombie which feature some pretty amazing textures considering they were created with everyday household materials such as paper towels, facial tissue and toilet paper. “They’re coming to get you Barbara!”

ZOM 010 (10)

2013 Etsy Store

Etsy Shop Now Open 0

  Severed zombie heads, pumpkins and children’s monster sculptures…the STOLLOWEEN Shop is now open with lots of new items to be added in the following weeks. Click the photo to visit the shop.

Son Of Buster 0

My entry for the HauntForum $20 Prop Challenge is a companion piece to my 2010 entry titled “Buster Gravesley.”     Buster Gravesley had a son named Buster.  Buster’s son was a gnarly surfer dude head banging sort of guy, always on the look out for the perfect wave. Unfortunately Buster Jr. met his end [...]

Son of Buster Project (1)


Mighty Midland Mantis 0

  Completed a 5 ½ foot tall praying mantis sculpture for the 2013 Summer Sculpture Series Downtown Midland.   The big guy will be delivered this week and all things considered it was a very fun project.   The “Mighty Midland Mantis” was constructed from ½ inch pieces of plywood that were designed to fit [...]

Forty Favorite Photos 0

While doing some work which required me to browse through my collection of Halloween and prop photos I selected forty of my favorites presented here in no particular order.   Click the above photo to see the collection.    



Enjoy The Season 0

Enjoy the season! Click the photo to see the entire zombie snowflake gallery and get the link to the instructions.

Black Gate Gallery 0

Posted a collection of photos from our Halloween 2012 display called “Black Gate.”    You can view the entire gallery here.      



Black Gate 0

Due to the weather our display is now closed for the season, thanks to everyone that had a chance to stop by and have a fun and safe Halloween!