Mighty Midland Mantis

May 22nd, 2013


Completed a 5 ½ foot tall praying mantis sculpture for the 2013 Summer Sculpture Series Downtown Midland.


The big guy will be delivered this week and all things considered it was a very fun project.


The “Mighty Midland Mantis” was constructed from ½ inch pieces of plywood that were designed to fit together using minimum hardware.


The project was very much like assembling a large wood puzzle.


The sculpture will be displayed in the downtown are of the city during June, July, August and September.


Click here for construction photos.


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Forty Favorite Photos

January 17th, 2013

While doing some work which required me to browse through my collection of Halloween and prop photos I selected forty of my favorites presented here in no particular order.


Click the above photo to see the collection.




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Enjoy The Season

December 2nd, 2012

Enjoy the season! Click the photo to see the entire zombie snowflake gallery and get the link to the instructions.


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Black Gate Gallery

November 2nd, 2012

Posted a collection of photos from our Halloween 2012 display called “Black Gate.” 


You can view the entire gallery here.





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Black Gate

October 16th, 2012

Due to the weather our display is now closed for the season, thanks to everyone that had a chance to stop by and have a fun and safe Halloween!


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GateKeeper Tutorial

October 15th, 2012



The GateKeepers are large gargoyle/demon/alien hybrids that stand guard at the gate of our 2012 Halloween Display. Based on a sketch I created this past summer these creatures are made from papier mache over a wood form. 


Complete documentation of the process can be found here.


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Faux Wrought Iron Fence Tutorial

October 14th, 2012


Added a Faux Wrought Iron Fence tutorial that uses wood, PVC and foam to create a creepy old fence to dress up your Halloween display. The process is fairly simple and the results are quite impressive.

The complete instructions can be found here.





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Demon Gargoyles (Work in Progress)

August 27th, 2012


Currently working a set of demonic style gargoyles based on a simple sketch or abbozo I did one late night while doodling by candlelight.



The heads are basically done and the wings will be complete once clay is added and detailed.

The heads were built from a half section of an inflated balloon covered in papier mache strips with the mouth, ears and teeth formed from recycled cardboard.




Each wing was cut from a piece of corrugated cardboard then coated with several layers of strip mache…the tips of the wings were bent into an upward position and supported during the drying process to give a nice three dimensional shape as opposed to just being flat.



The next step will be to give the wings some interesting veining and texturing although I’m not quite sure what medium I will use to achieve this effect.


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Great Pumpkin Workshop II

August 9th, 2012

Legacy Art Studio and Gallery and STOLLOWEEN present The Great Pumpkin Workshop II in Midland, Michigan.


You have never built a pumpkin like this before!


Join us in September for The Great Pumpkin Workshop II where you will create your very own papier mache pumpkin over the course of four evenings.


This workshop will teach a variety of papier mache techniques including a new process that has never been made public until now.


Participants will learn everything they need to know about building armatures, mixing paste, working with paper clay and utilizing different painting techniques.


The class is fun, fast paced and chances are good you will make a few new friends during the process. There are only ten seats available for this workshop which allows for a personalized experience.


All tools and materials are supplied and no experience required.


Cost is $100 per person.


Tuesday, September 11th:  6-9pm

Thursday, September 13th:  6-9pm

Tuesday, September 18th:  6-9pm

Thursday, September 20th:  6-9pm


Participants will need to use a variety of tools such as scissors, sharp tools and hot glue guns.


The class is somewhat physical requiring standing, bending and lifting during each three hour session. Please wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing.


The workshop uses wheat flour based paste, joint compound and latex paint and may be unsuitable for those sensitive to these materials. No toxic materials are used.


The Great Pumpkin Workshop II is recommended for ages 16 and up.


If you register and are unable to attend please notify us at least 72 hours prior to the first class so we can fill your spot in the workshop


To register please contact Hannah Manges at 989-835-1655.








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100 Pumpkin Templates

January 28th, 2012



Click the photo to view 100 pumpkin concepts posted on Tortured Pumpkins.   


Once you are on the Tortured Pumpkin site you can click each pumpkin concept photo to open the design template in a new window.


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