August Character Pumpkin Online Workshop (Sold Out) 0

Please note this workshop is currently full,additional workshops will be added in the future.  August Character Pumpkin Online Workshop (Three evenings – 8 pm until 9:30 pm EST.) These workshops are an effective way to learn to work with papier mache on a project specific basis Each class is three sessions long, one class a week […]

August Online Zombie Workshop 0

Note: This workshop has sold out. Additional workshops will be added in the near future. Online Papier Mache Zombie Workshop (3 evenings, 4.5 hours total) One of my all time favorite workshops returns this summer! Note: This workshop has sold out. Additional workshops will be added in the near future. Tuesday, August 2nd,  8pm – […]

Gallery: Halloween 2015 0

Our Halloween 2015 display was the result of our third year participating in the Home Depot Halloween Style Challenge. The concept involved turning our front porch into a giant shadow puppet theater. The project was a lot of fun and you can read about it here.  

Zombie Trophy Heads 0

A twist on the papier mache zombie head, now you can display your zombie slaying prowess with these all mounted zombie trophy heads.

Miniature Villages 0

Last August I started offering Papier-mâché miniature village classes where participants could created small houses or building in a scale that matched that of Dept. 56, Lemax and HO model railroads. The classes proved to be tremendously fun and creative. I have never been a fan of working on small scale Papier-mâché  pieces but this workshop proved to […]

Anamorphic Drawing 0

This evening I experimented with some anamorphic artwork. Anamorphic artwork is flat art (2D) that has been distorted so that when viewed from a certain vantage point appears three dimensional. These examples were achieved using Photoshop and some of my old artwork, in addition to the distortion adding shadows and cutting the paper added to […]

Halloween 2014 0

This year we had two Halloween displays. The first was for Home Depot’s Halloween Style Challenge during the last weekend in September and the second was on Halloween night at the studio. The Home Depot Halloween Style Challenge was a take on a dark carnival freakshow while Halloween at the studio was a display of […]

Halloween 2013 0

The yard display went up on Monday, October 28th and while technically it was the smallest display we have done since 2006 it did feature a lot of new pieces.   New for 2013 were three large Green Demons, two Green Goblins, a dozen papier mache Tombstones and two new Gargoyles.   The three evenings […]