Halloween 2010

The 2010 Halloween display was set up Friday, October 29th thru Sunday, October 31st and featured 129 different papier mache elements.


At dusk the display came to life with lighting, music, fog, synchronized lighting effects and a little bit of animation.


During the three days we had about 100 adult visitors and Sunday evening we gave out treat to 85 trick or treaters.


The weather was cold but dry and the result was a near perfect Halloween weekend.


View the gallery here.

First Look 2010

The big day is almost here and I wish you all a safe and happy Halloween!


In addition I offer a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has followed my website, blog and Facebook page…I appreciate all the great feedback and thank all of you for sharing your stories, photos and creative ideas, your encouragement has really helped me keep the pace and produce our display for 2010.


Here are a few photos of the initial set-up, there is still a large amount of work to do tomorrow but overall I’m pleased with this year’s effort….more photos to come after the Halloween.


Be safe and have fun!


Frequently Asked Questions


October is prop building season and with that comes a lot of email and questions.

Thank you for all the nice comments and questions, I do my best to respond to everybody but during the next couple of weeks my schedule is very hectic and chances are I won’t be answering emails.

I love questions and if you have a unique question it will probably be answered on my other blog called Scotty Art.

Take a moment to browse that site and see if the question has already been asked.

Frequently asked questions include:

“How do you make paste?”

“How do you make clay?”

“How do you weatherproof or waterproof?”

“How do you make templates?”

The answers to all of these questions are supplied in The Basics section on this site which goes into detail about my paste and clay recipes, weatherproofing and making templates, please read the information because chances are your question has already been answered.

The Wardens

Completed three new character heads built for this year’s display, the creatures are called “Wardens” and are the result of possessed pumpkins evolving into something sinister, something evil, something big.


My display really needed something creepy to balance the goofy props I’ve been building lately so the pumpkins got some Wardens.


The bodies are still in the construction phase and should be complete by the end of next week.


Fingers crossed.

The Life of Charlie: Day 89

This is the final post of “The Life of Charlie”, the experiment where I put one of my sealed papier mache pumpkins outside to withstand the elements and see how it goes.


The good news is that Charlie survived without a trace of damage due to moisture, this information should give you a little confidence when displaying your hard work outside.


Charlie is still outside, but now he has a little bit of company as he joins 22 other pumpkins for a pre-Halloween display on our front porch.


He’s happy to have some company and even happier that a good coat of Spar Urethane kept him safe and sound.


Thanks Charlie and have a great Halloween!

Five More

Finally painted five pumpkins that were created for a Great Lakes FrightFest demonstration last spring, these pumpkins were painted with an airbrush, sealed, then washed with black paint.

The final coat of black paint was wiped from the surface with a damp cloth leaving only traces of the paint in recessed areas.

The coat of sealant protected the paint applied by the airbrush.

The resulting pumpkins are a little brighter but still have a lot of visible texture due to the addition of the black paint.

Great Pumpkin Mash Up

Finally getting some projects completed for our Halloween Display 2010, these three large pumpkins stand almost three feet tall and are a mash up of several different projects.

The pumpkins used the trash bag method, the cardboard strip method and the face techniques use for DEMONIKUS.

The tutorial will be available after Halloween, for now I need to keep checking projects off the list.

Build On!


Introducing NOCTURNUS, my eight legged entry for Davis Graveyard SpiderFest 2010.

This is a big fella, his body and head are 19 inches long and 10 inches wide and with the legs attached he measures 41 inches long and 36 inches wide.

The legs were designed to be detachable for shipping and storage purposes plus it allows the legs to be angled in whatever direction to achieve some very different looks.

The color scheme is simply black and white, I had played around with some different colors but felt the black and white suited him best.

When creating this piece I paid special attention to how it would look from all different angles because the spider will be hung from a tree and chances are it will turn in the wind and all sides will at some point be visible.

When taking these photographs I was pleased that NOCTURNUS was interesting from any angle.

Tomorrow I will coat him with some Spar Urethane to protect him from the rain then get him shipped mid-week so the can be part of Davis Graveyard SpiderFest 2010.

Tortured Pumpkin Tutorial

Completed a collection of 13 Tortured Pumpkins, these poor innocent souls have been subjected to extreme brutality by unseen forces and are sure to add a touch of agony to your Halloween display.

The pumpkins are made with a combination of pumpkin building techniques posted on this site but also contain a few twists guaranteed to make Jack O’ Lanterns cringe in fear everywhere.

Get the how-to here.