Arsenic Asylum Miniature 0

New tutorial on building the Arsenic Asylum miniature and digitally compositing the indivisual elements.   Click here for the tutorial.

Boris Completed 2

  Finshed Boris The Bolter yesterday and soon he will be delivered to a local company for an industrial polycoat application.   The build took from February until mid-March and resulted in over 100 hours of work.   To see more photos and documentation of the process including links to some time lapse videos click [...]


Boris Pre-paint 4

  The Boris troll is now completely built and waiting to be painted this coming weekend. The assembly proceeded according to plan and there were no real surprises other than the amount of time it took to complete the texturing process. The assembly started by attaching the body to the feet. Four 1”x3” pieces of [...]

Boris Update 1

A quick update on my troll for the 2011 Midland Downtown Sculpture Series, each individual element for Boris is complete and the next step is assembling all the pieces and filling the interior spaces with expandable foam.   At this point the basic shape is roughed out but there is still a lot of work [...]



Meet Boris 1

Boris is a troll designed for the 2011 Downtown Midland Summer Sculpture Series.   The committee meets next week to select a number of trolls that will be displayed in our downtown area throughout the summer.   Boris will be created from several papier mache techniques and sealed with an industrial clear coat.   Boris [...]

Listen Up! 0

Happy New Year!   Welcome to the year 2011 and time to get busy making your new arsenal of ghoulish creations.   If you are like me and live in a colder climate you may find it hard to find the motivation to work on Halloween props when temperatures hover below the freezing point and [...]



November Etsy 0

Completed a dozen new projects for my Etsy store.