Buster Gravesley

Buster Gravesley is my 2010 entry in the Hauntforum $20 Prop Challenge. Buster is a Zombie/Coffin Groundbreaker standing approximately 4 feet tall and mounted on a plywood base that can be angled in different directions when displayed.

This prop was made from numerous recycled materials including; newspaper, cardboard, plastic bags, aluminum cans and plastic milk jugs. The project was started March 4th, 2010 and completed on April 2nd, 2010. The total cost for this prop was $19.03.

Project tutorial and more photos can be found here.

Update: A few more “tidbits” of information regarding the construction of “Buster” have been posted over at ScottyArt, some more information on the coffin, bones and the first attempt at the eyeball.

It’s Coming . . .


In the next week or so I will unveil my Hauntforum $20 Prop Challenge entry.

The new prop is big and highly detailed.

Clues are being posted at ScottyArt, so if you are easily amused feel free to stop by and try to figure out what’s in the works.

Serpent Gargoyle


Perched high above unsuspecting victims the Serpent Gargoyle was made for the HauntForum $20 Prop Challenge. Created from recycled materials and papier mache the Serpent is one of the largest pieces that I have made to date.


Compete instructions can be found here.