Sir Rip D. Fleshkin

This pumpkin was the most creative concept winner in the 2nd Annual Build Me A Pumpkin contest held on the STOLLOWEEN Facebook page.


Introducing Sir Rip D. Fleshkin designed by Breck Torres and Dustin Obermeyer. 


Fun concept to turn the stem into arms and hands, during the build I decided to remove one of the fingers because it seemed to work better.


Sir Rip also features removable eyeballs which can be displayed during the day and removed at night to allow the light to shine through the eye holes.




Charles McScardeylantern

This pumpkin was the random drawing winner in the 2nd Annual Build Me A Pumpkin contest held on the STOLLOWEEN Facebook page.


Introducing Charles McScardeylantern designed by Jasper Anderson.


Charles mcScardeylantern was a very fun build, especially the rotted side which was achieved by soaking blue shop towels in papier mache paste.


The pumpkin also features five large black flies which can be repositioned or removed if desired.




Twelve creative pumpkin designs so far in the “Build Me A Pumpkin” contest…who will be number 13?


Visit for contest rules and entries.





All Parts Completed

All the pieces of the undead pumpkin are now completed and drying.

The pumpkin dude consists of eight pieces that when joined together can be posed in a variety of positions.

Thin strips of newspaper were rolled into vines and papier mached to the arms and chest but in order to make the whole piece cohesive bundles of twine coated with latex paint will be wrapped around the arms and hands to hide gaps.

The vines will be painted to match the color scheme of the pumpkin which will be muted oranges, greens and browns.

Once the pumpkin is painted and sealed he will need to dry and air out a little before shipping.

Undead Pumpkin Progress

Here are some photos of the “Undead” pumpkin during the construction phase. The design was drawn onto the papier mache shell then the eyes were cut out.

Lately I’ve been leaving the stuffing (newspaper or in this case polyfill) inside the pumpkin until all the work is completed, this prevents any sagging or collapse issues.

Recycled cardboard was used to make the facial armature then covered with additional papier mache strips.

Crumpled newspaper and aluminum foil were used to create the eyeball and the stem features a unique design similar to the one in the concept sketches.

Teeth made from homemade papier clay were added then additional clay was used to define the facial features.

I’m pretty happy with the progress although there is still considerable work to be done on the pumpkin and the body still needs to be created.

The Undead Pumpkin

Congratulations go out to Scott Alan Dimmick, the winner of the “Build Me A Pumpkin” contest on the STOLLOWEEN Facebook page.

Scott’s name was randomly drawn from over 90 entries scoring him a custom built pumpkin of his liking. Scott’s concept was a “ground breaking, undead pumpkin, pushing itself out of the ground with its rotting vine arms.

Work has begun on the undead pumpkin including the first layers of strip mache and some concept sketches rendered in Photoshop to help guide me in the building process.

The illustrations are for reference only as during the construction more elaborate details will be added specifically the gnarly vines on the arms.

Building a prop for another Halloween enthusiast is sort of cool and you can check out Scott’s love for the holiday on his website called The Never Moor.