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Final Online Zombie Workshop of the 2016 Season 0

Online Papier Mache Zombie Workshop (3 evenings, 4.5 hours total) This is the final Online Papier Mache Zombie Workshop for the 2016 Halloween Season. Three evenings of zombie building fun.   These workshops are an effective way to learn to work with papier mache on a project specific basis. Each class is three sessions long, […]


Great Pumpkin Mash Up 0

Finally getting some projects completed for our Halloween Display 2010, these three large pumpkins stand almost three feet tall and are a mash up of several different projects. The pumpkins used the trash bag method, the cardboard strip method and the face techniques use for DEMONIKUS. The tutorial will be available after Halloween, for now […]


Pumpkins v2.0 0

Another approach to making papier mache pumpkins using recycled cardboard to create a simple armature that can be papier mached. This technique is great for making smaller pumpkins perfect for tabletop or mantle displays. The armature technique is simple and very dependable allowing you to create your very pumpkin patch with relative ease. Complete tutorial […]