Great Pumpkin Workshop II

Legacy Art Studio and Gallery and STOLLOWEEN present The Great Pumpkin Workshop II in Midland, Michigan.


You have never built a pumpkin like this before!


Join us in September for The Great Pumpkin Workshop II where you will create your very own papier mache pumpkin over the course of four evenings.


This workshop will teach a variety of papier mache techniques including a new process that has never been made public until now.


Participants will learn everything they need to know about building armatures, mixing paste, working with paper clay and utilizing different painting techniques.


The class is fun, fast paced and chances are good you will make a few new friends during the process. There are only ten seats available for this workshop which allows for a personalized experience.


All tools and materials are supplied and no experience required.


Cost is $100 per person.


Tuesday, September 11th:  6-9pm

Thursday, September 13th:  6-9pm

Tuesday, September 18th:  6-9pm

Thursday, September 20th:  6-9pm


Participants will need to use a variety of tools such as scissors, sharp tools and hot glue guns.


The class is somewhat physical requiring standing, bending and lifting during each three hour session. Please wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing.


The workshop uses wheat flour based paste, joint compound and latex paint and may be unsuitable for those sensitive to these materials. No toxic materials are used.


The Great Pumpkin Workshop II is recommended for ages 16 and up.


If you register and are unable to attend please notify us at least 72 hours prior to the first class so we can fill your spot in the workshop


To register please contact Hannah Manges at 989-835-1655.







Gourdon Rotsworth

The Undead Pumpkin is now finished and he has a name.

Meet Gourdon Rotsworth.

A new tutorial has been posting showing the steps involved in making this evil pumpkin that will be lurking in his new home at The Never Moor.

Here are the instructions.

The Life of Charlie Day 57

Good old Charlie has been outside braving the elements for 57 days.

Fifty-seven days of rain, wind, heat and humidity.

The Spar Urethane has done the job, there is absolutely no sign of water damage, the papier mache is still rock solid and all is good.

The only problem I noticed was a couple of chips on the bottom of the pumpkin but these are due to the fact that he has been banged around a little as I have moved him from location to location.

Charlie’s new location is in the back yard on our woodpile.

I’m confident the weather won’t be an issue but our back yard is filled with some rather ravenous squirrels.

Good luck Charles!

All Parts Completed

All the pieces of the undead pumpkin are now completed and drying.

The pumpkin dude consists of eight pieces that when joined together can be posed in a variety of positions.

Thin strips of newspaper were rolled into vines and papier mached to the arms and chest but in order to make the whole piece cohesive bundles of twine coated with latex paint will be wrapped around the arms and hands to hide gaps.

The vines will be painted to match the color scheme of the pumpkin which will be muted oranges, greens and browns.

Once the pumpkin is painted and sealed he will need to dry and air out a little before shipping.

Undead Pumpkin Progress

Here are some photos of the “Undead” pumpkin during the construction phase. The design was drawn onto the papier mache shell then the eyes were cut out.

Lately I’ve been leaving the stuffing (newspaper or in this case polyfill) inside the pumpkin until all the work is completed, this prevents any sagging or collapse issues.

Recycled cardboard was used to make the facial armature then covered with additional papier mache strips.

Crumpled newspaper and aluminum foil were used to create the eyeball and the stem features a unique design similar to the one in the concept sketches.

Teeth made from homemade papier clay were added then additional clay was used to define the facial features.

I’m pretty happy with the progress although there is still considerable work to be done on the pumpkin and the body still needs to be created.

Life of Charlie Day 17

I really hope Charlie packed his Speedo for the duration of the summer because it’s been hot, humid and wet.

The past couple of weeks have been unseasonably warm with temps in the 90’s and a a lot of pop up thunderstorms.

We have had rain about every other day since Charlie ventured outside and the great news is that the papier mache shows no sign of damage.

The bad news is that this makes for some very boring posts.

The Spar Urethane is repelling the moisture, after getting wet the water beads up on the surface of the pumpkin and the papier mache is staying hard as a rock.

At this point I think Charlie is more in danger of being stolen, vandalized, blown away by the wind or shot with my boy’s Airsoft guns.

To prove the point Charlie (sans Speedo) posed for this picture of him getting soaked with the hose, he’s a trooper that Charlie dude!

The Life of Charlie

Meet Charlie, he’s an everyday papier mache pumpkin that volunteered, or rather was drafted for an interesting experiment.

Charlie’s new job is to test the durability of weatherproof coating on papier mache props and he started his new job today (Saturday, July 10th, 2010).

Charlie was painted with black exterior latex paint and acrylics then sealed with one coat of spar urethane.

To reduce the shine of the urethane he was also sprayed with a coat of clear flat enamel.

Charlie’s tour of duty will end on October 31st, 2010…yup, he’s staying outside until Halloween, that’s 112 days rain or shine.

Charlie will be moving to different locations around our yard during the next couple of months and I will post  updates as to his progress.

Good luck Charlie, you’re a trooper!