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Final Online Pumpkin Workshop of the 2016 Season 0

Character Pumpkin Online Workshop (Three evenings, 1.5 hours each) This is the final Online Pumpkin Workshop of the 2016 Season.   These workshops are an effective way to learn to work with papier mache on a project specific basis. Each class is three sessions long, one class a week for three weeks. During each session you […]


Charles McScardeylantern (7)

Charles McScardeylantern 0

This pumpkin was the random drawing winner in the 2nd Annual Build Me A Pumpkin contest held on the STOLLOWEEN Facebook page.   Introducing Charles McScardeylantern designed by Jasper Anderson.   Charles mcScardeylantern was a very fun build, especially the rotted side which was achieved by soaking blue shop towels in papier mache paste.   […]

Looks Like More Pumpkins….. 0

    This year I told myself I was not creating anymore papier mache pumpkins…none, nadda, zip, zero.   As always my plans change during the course of the year…need to be flexible.   First off I will be teaching a papier mache workshop in late September, four sessions teaching the techniques required to make […]

Pumpkin Contest 21