Davis Spider Update

An update on the Davis Graveyard Spider for SpiderFest 2010…let me just say that I “changed gears”…yes the pun is intended.

A week or so ago I posted some teaser photos of my spider and as the clues suggested it was going to be a steampunk skeleton spider.

My original concept was to make a mechanical body with skeletal legs and head and as sometimes happens the concept wasn’t working and it was time for plan B.

The biggest problem I was having were the head and body proportions plus I really didn’t care for the angle of the legs.

The deciding factor to change my direction was that the spider wasn’t creepy.

The Davis Graveyard is sort of a spooky elegance and the steampunk spider was going in an opposite direction.

So here’s the new spider complete with a  big bulbous body, a skull like head and eight large removable legs to accommodate shipping and storage.

There is still a fair amount of work to be done but I like the direction and think he now has a creep factor worthy of his destination.

I hope they like him.

Davis Graveyard SpiderFest 2010

You’ve heard of the Davis Graveyard right?

Have you heard about SpiderFest 2010?

The Davis Graveyard SpiderFest 2010 is a group prop idea where anyone can build a spider, send it off to the Davis Graveyard and it will be displayed in a big old willow tree during the month of October.

Sounds fun right?

Well after seeing a couple of incredible spiders that were created for this festive event I thought it would be fun to participate.

For some inspiration you can check out Mr. Chicken’s very cool spider or Pumpkinrot’s creepy creation.

I’ve got a few more days of work to go before my entry is complete, in the meantime enjoy a couple of teaser pics.

Yes it will be a spider and no I’m not just blowing steam, you have not been punk’d.

One final thing.. it’s made from papier mache.