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There is still time to register for the Weekend Warrior edition of our Severed Zombie Head Workshop. Spend two consecutive weekends building your very own drippy, gooey, rotting zombie head. This workshop is a lot of fun and it’s one of a few weekend classes offered at STOLLOWEEN Studio.

This unique experience is recommended for those 16 years and older. The workshops can be physically demanding requiring participants to stand, kneel,  lift and work in uncomfortable positions. Papier mache can be a bit messy so please dress accordingly. The class uses a variety of non-hazardous materials such as flour, glue and joint compound, as well as latex and acrylic paints.

Workshop cost is $100 per person which includes all tools and materials.

Call (989) 750-6457 to register. Payment is due at the first class. Class size is limited to 8 seats.


Severed Zombie Heads Workshop #4

– Weekend Warrior Edition

Saturday, July 13th.   1pm – 4pm

Sunday, July 14th.  1pm – 4pm

Saturday, July  20th.  1pm – 4pm

Sunday, July 21st.  1pm – 4pm



On April 17th, 2013 we moved into some new studio space at 718 George Street in Midland, MI.


The new workshop is not huge, around 900 sq. feet but it’s a huge improvement over working out of my basement, garage and dining room table.


Renting studio space serves two purposes.


First it gives me more room to build and a place to hold papier mache workshops.


And secondly, and most importantly it gets the majority of my Halloween stuff out of the house, a huge selling factor for my wife.


Basically this is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, my own little space dedicated to something I really enjoy.


If you ever find yourself in the Midland area please take a moment to stop in and check it out.