Twelve creative pumpkin designs so far in the “Build Me A Pumpkin” contest…who will be number 13?


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So what do 13 tortured pumpkins waiting for their final paint look like?

The pumpkins have been base coated with flat black latex paint then dry brushed with flat white latex.

The next step involves colorizing with some various color of oil stains…this is sort of experimental, something I’ve never done before.

If you are really a keen reader you notice that there are actually 14 pumpkins in the picture, the 14th pumpkin was made as a guinea pig, an experimental pumpkin on which I can play around with the color.

Lucky pumpkin!

Tortured Pumpkins Preview

Here is a peek at some new items for my Etsy store, they are called “Tortured Pumpkins.”

These guys are stuck in eternal agricultural agony because life in the STOLLOWEEN pumpkin patch isn’t exactly easy.

Nailed, chained, stapled, stitched, shackled and bound in barbed wire these 13 new pumpkins are living Halloween horror 24/7.

The pumpkins are made from papier mache and should be in my Etsy store early next week.