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Dino Skull Studio Workshop

This year the focus in the studio is to offer new projects and new workshops and this July we roll out two new workshops, Dino Skulls and Mini Pumpkins. Registration is first come first serve and a reminder that the workshop may not be repeated this year, it depends on the interest and participation.

Dino Skull Studio Workshop

Thursday,  July 19th, 6 pm – 9 pm

Thursday, July 26th, 6 pm – 9 pm

Thursday, August 2nd,  6 pm – 9 pm

Thursday, August 9th,  6 pm – 9 pm

In the Dino Skull workshop you will work to create an authentic looking Dinosaur Skull which has been designed from photographs and illustrations of real skulls. You can either build a Tyrannosaurus Rex or Triceratops. The patterns and templates are already created so the workshop begins with assembling the armatures than sculpting with clay to reproduce a realistic looking bone texture.

This promises to be a fun experience, whether you want to learn papier mache, just like dinosaurs or want to create the best high school science fair project ever!

The classes require no previous papier mache experience, only a willingness to work hard and follow instructions.

The classes involve a lot of physical activity such as standing, lifting, bending and using your hands to sculpt clay.

All tools and materials are supplied.

The workshops are very casual and designed to allow anyone regardless of artistic talent to complete a finished piece.

Students must be at least 16 years old, if a younger child is interested they must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Workshops start at 6 pm sharp with the studio opening 15 minutes prior if you wish to get situated and socialize.

Classes run until approximately 9 pm. (3 hours each)

Feel free to bring a drink and a snack, the studio will provide coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

This workshop requires a lot of hot glue work, a lightweight pair of work gloves is highly recommended.

The cost is $100 per person which includes a total of 12 hours of studio time plus all materials.

If you would like to sign up for a workshop please send an email to with the name of the workshop in the subject line.

Payment can be made via cash, check or money order.

Payment must be made by first night of class.

Class size is limited to 10 seats.

**We have implemented a new policy for anyone taking multiple classes throughout the 2018 season. The first class is full price, any additional classes taken during 2018 will be 20% off the listed price.