STOLLOWEEN RAMBLINGS September Work in Progress

September Work in Progress

If you’ve read through the majority of projects on this site then you know that one of my favorite places on the internet is The Mad Lab, a site that hosts monthly prop building contests. The Mad Lab has motivated me to create many of my more popular pieces; the pumpkins, gargoyle, busts and sentinels to name a few.


This summer has flown by and except for teaching some papier mache workshopsI haven’t really created anything new, but after reading about this month’s contest which requires you to build a ghoulish prop using paint containers (plastic, metal, 1 gallon, 5 gallon, etc.) I found the inspiration and motivation I needed.

The pieces I’m working on for the contest are something I’ve never created and proving to be a challenge.

Here’s a couple of teaser pictures, enjoy!



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  1. Ah and just when i though i might have an easy time with this months contest. oh well a challange is more fun. hm from your hints i’m thinking its animal based. can’t wait to see it when its finished!

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