Life of Charlie Day 17

I really hope Charlie packed his Speedo for the duration of the summer because it’s been hot, humid and wet.

The past couple of weeks have been unseasonably warm with temps in the 90’s and a a lot of pop up thunderstorms.

We have had rain about every other day since Charlie ventured outside and the great news is that the papier mache shows no sign of damage.

The bad news is that this makes for some very boring posts.

The Spar Urethane is repelling the moisture, after getting wet the water beads up on the surface of the pumpkin and the papier mache is staying hard as a rock.

At this point I think Charlie is more in danger of being stolen, vandalized, blown away by the wind or shot with my boy’s Airsoft guns.

To prove the point Charlie (sans Speedo) posed for this picture of him getting soaked with the hose, he’s a trooper that Charlie dude!