STOLLOWEEN How To: Cyclops

How To: Cyclops



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The Cyclops were made using an inflated balloon, recycled cardboard, empty water bottles, wire, newspaper and several different papier mache techniques. The three heads were started in February 2008 and completed in October 2008. The basic inspiration of course was the Ray Harryhausen Cyclops from “The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.”


Each skull started by adding layers of papier mache strips to an inflated balloon creating a solid armature or base for the prop. A series of cardboard templates were attached to the papier mache balloon to achieve the basic facial structure for each Cyclops.



Curved horns were created using the top half of a recycled water bottles, wire and newspaper. The spikes protruding from the head were formed by rolling newspaper into cone shapes.

The entire piece was then covered with homemade papier mache clay adding dimension and texture.

The eyeballs were made from tinfoil and polymer clay. The iris and pupil were created in Photoshop then printed onto plain paper, cut and glued to the clay eyeball. Clear glossy varnish was used to achieve the glossy wet-look.

The finished heads were painted with black latex paint then dry brushed with white latex primer. Various shades of acrylic paint were used to achieve the final coloring.