How To: Digger


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Digger was originally created in 1992 and after years of neglect was badly in need of a makeover.  Digger’s reimagining used several different homemade papier mache techniques as well as Creative Paperclay available at art and craft stores. The eyeballs were made from polymer clay and the hair from polypropylene twine. The clothing was purchased from a thrift store and distressed using a belt sander, blow torch and paint.


The original papier mache prop from 1992 badly damaged from years of neglect and improper storage. The head was cut from the body to make it easier to work with.


The eye sockets were enlarged and the teeth removed to allowing for the addition of new teeth and eyes.

Homemade papier clay was used to restructure the face and torso.

Eyeballs were created with tinfoil and polymer clay, the pupils and irises were created in Photoshop, printed on plain paper and glued into place. Several coats of high gloss varnish were used to create the shine.

The head was reattached to the body in a more dramatic pose, the neck was also lengthened and restructured.

A thin layer of Creative Paperclay was applied to face to create a smoother and more defined appearance.