STOLLOWEEN How To: Demon Reapers

How To: Demon Reapers



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The Demon Reapers were first created in September 2006 and have become a very recognizable part of STOLLOWEEN. The Demons were created using an inflated balloon, recycled cardboard and several different papier mache techniques.

The Demons are very symmetrical and stylistic in appearance and add a very unique element to our Halloween collection. Three new Demon Reaper Skulls complete with blood-stained horns were created for the 2008 display.


Each skull started by adding layers of papier mache strips to an inflated balloon creating a solid armature or base for the prop.

A series of cardboard templates were layered with spacers to create a three-dimensional armature of the Demon’s face. The facial armature was then attached to the papier mache balloon using hot glue.

The jaw was created in a similar fashion using a cardboard to create the basic shape.

Additional cuts were made to the balloon creating the eye and nose sockets as well as indentations on the both sides of the skulls. The indentations were blocked in with strips of cardboard creating a surface which papier mache strips can be applied.

Additional build-up of the skull was created by using additional cardboard pieces to give further shape and depth to the eye and nose sockets.

Horns and teeth were created from recycled cardboard and attached to the skull using hot glue.

Once the three-dimensional form was complete the entire skull was covered using papier mache strips and homemade papier mache clay. The same process was used separately make the jaw which was later attached with bolts to create a moveable and position able jaw.

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