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How To: Gargoyles



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The Gargoyle was created in February of 2008 as an entry in the Mad Lab Prop Building Contest hosted by JekyllandHyde. The prop was constructed from recycled water bottles, newspaper, plastic bags, cardboard and fabric.

 The project took about 20 hours to complete and was a good lesson in armature construction. The final prop stands two feet tall with a wing span of approximately two feet and weighs close to 15 pounds.



 The Gargoyle’s body was created by bundling fifteen empty water bottles together, recycled corrugated cardboard, newspaper, magazines and empty cereal boxes were attached to the water bottle armature to the final shape which would be covered with strip papier mache and homemade papier mache clay.



Monster Mud (a combination of drywall joint compound and latex paint)  and fabric was used to create the leather-like wing texture.











































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