STOLLOWEEN How To: Goblins

How To: Goblins


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DESCRIPTION: Home Depot invited me to participate in their 2013 Halloween Style Challenge which consisted of me using their Halloween merchandise and my DIY Halloween projects to create a cool Halloween space that would be inspirational to people that enjoy the holiday. For the Style Challenge I built 11 papier mache tombstones and two new characters that I dubbed “Goblins.”

The idea for the Goblins began as a simple sketch and as you will see the final pieces sort of went in a different direction. The Goblin build process was very free form and experimental as I didn’t have a strong image in mind as to how these creatures would look once they were finished.


The base shape used for the heads were 20 inch beach balls that had been covered with several layers of papier mache strips. Once the papier mache had dried I sculpted the beginnings of the faces on top of the beach ball forms using my homemade paper clay. Once this beginning sculpt had dried it was basically a lot of trial and error as I added additional details such as the jaws, teeth, ears and eyes. The addition of the large pointed ears is what eventually turned these creatures into “goblins.”  To finish the heads I added shiny eyeballs made from ping pong balls.






Using techniques similar to those from past projects each goblin also received a set of hands, forearms and ribs.




A coat of bright green paint finished the look giving them sort of a playful funhouse quality which would fit perfectly with the other Halloween props supplied by Home Depot.


For more detailed information on the creation of the hands and torso browse some of my other tutorials including the Buster Gravesley and  Son of Buster projects.