STOLLOWEEN RAMBLINGS 2020 Home Depot Halloween Style Challenge

2020 Home Depot Halloween Style Challenge

Haunted Mine Shaft Dragon Lair

Sponsored Partnership With The Home Depot.

Fall is in the air here in Michigan, the temperature has dropped and the leaves are starting to change which means Halloween is just around the corner.

This year we have a treat for our guests as turned our garage into a haunted mine shaft inhabited by a huge dragon all with the help of The Home Depot.

Using this year’s Home Depot Halloween products such as skeletons, lanterns, fog machines and the huge animated Gray Dragon plus a bunch of other Home Depot building products we creatively turned the entrance of our garage into a deep, spooky mine shaft. The Home Dep0t has everything you need for your home this Halloween!

So head on over to The Home Depot Blog to see how we pulled this off.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!





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