STOLLOWEEN RAMBLINGS Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


October is prop building season and with that comes a lot of email and questions.

Thank you for all the nice comments and questions, I do my best to respond to everybody but during the next couple of weeks my schedule is very hectic and chances are I won’t be answering emails.

I love questions and if you have a unique question it will probably be answered on my other blog called Scotty Art.

Take a moment to browse that site and see if the question has already been asked.

Frequently asked questions include:

“How do you make paste?”

“How do you make clay?”

“How do you weatherproof or waterproof?”

“How do you make templates?”

The answers to all of these questions are supplied in The Basics section on this site which goes into detail about my paste and clay recipes, weatherproofing and making templates, please read the information because chances are your question has already been answered.

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  1. Hi there, I love your creations. I’ve been “stalking” your site since last year and I was wondering how you secure your standing props to the yard? I am thinking of making a scarecrow with a jackolantern head using your tutorial. I just don’t know how to make him stand. I was thinking of getting a metal stake that is used for decks and drive that into the ground and then screw the pole that the scarecrow is on to it. Do yo think this will work or do you have a better idea? Last year we had a bit of a wind storm and 2 of my tombstones blew away! Thanks in advance, Lisa

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